A number of thoughts

Thought #1 How do you help someone who is frustrated and beginning to become depressed about their increasing inability to navigate our ever-changing world?

#2 When does helping become enabling?

#3 Why do leftovers taste better than the original meal?

#4 Why did it take me an hour and a half to drive ten miles?

#5 Why do i think nothing of giving my kids money and then fret over an $11 scarf for myself?

#6 Why does it take me so long to let go?

#7 When i feel that i have nothing to wear, why is my first thought to run out and buy something rather than get creative and use what i have in my closet?

#8 Why am i numbering my thoughts?

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Stuck behind a fence

 I awoke very early this morning to what i just knew was my cat,Louis, crying. For those of you who have cats, as you know, crying is not like meowing. Not like, the give me some sugar or i am hungry, meowing.Crying means trouble. I looked out the back door, went down the steps. Went back in and went out the front door. All the while in my pj’s. So glad trash collection was yesterday. After more searching i found him. Stuck behind the neighbors fence. Had to rescue him. 

Have you felt stuck? In a relationship? In a job? In a situation that did not add to your well-being?

Been stuck and not been able to produce writing, or art or your craft?

What i know about being stuck is that it’s best to not force it. It being the creative flow. Best thing to do is just let go for a while and put the thoughts out there to the universe.  I like to think of this time as time to percolate. 

What do you do when you are stuck? 

How do you get over the fence?

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My mom

Wonderful, productive morning. Lots of sunshine!

Visited my mom yesterday for a few minutes. Gram, as she is affectionately known, turned 80 this year.

At her birthday party in February, she danced the entire evening. Danced with everyone!

She cares for my sister, who is not well.

She visits a friend’s mom who lives in a nursing home.She makes the trip by bus, two or three times a week.

And she paints. Beautifully. Mostly flowers. Often, instead of buying a new canvas, she will dig out an old painting and paint over it.

Gram has macular degeneration. She is legally blind. She inspires me to make art everyday.

Who inspires you?

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Each and every morning that i wake up, i am excited about getting into the studio to begin making books and bookmarks and mirrors, oh my……

How wonderful to be able to begin the day by being in a creative space and doing what i love.

Tell me about what you love to do. What is it that gets you excited?What floats your boat? Makes you wobble? (thanks, ScoutieGirl)

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social media ..something new for the old

After 2 days of learning about social networking…..is that even what it’s called? my head is spinning. learning more about how to use the internet to grow Lenny Pang Designs. can you teach an old dog new tricks? can the dog buy in to the new trick? can the dog use it? moreover, will the dog use it?

Just dumdfounded to look around the classroom that i was sitting in and see every other person tweeting or texting or what ever it is. The instructor was telling us about how its possible to make friends on facebook and by Tweeting. My thought: and it is profound: talk to the other folks in the class. make eye contact. That a great way to make friends.

Yes, this new networking is valuable, it’s the way of the world. I am determined to learn all i can about it. I do not want to be left behind. However, this old dog is going to continue to make eye contact and i will probably even smile!

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The beginning

Journey with me as i naviagate the next two years of attempting to make a living as an collage artist and explore the creative side of life. At 57 years old, and finished with teaching in the world of social services, i need to do this now. I need to do this while i still have the energy and the burning desire.
I plan to live on less, buy less and create more. The two years is how long i will be getting a monthly alimony check that will cover my rent and a bill or two. I am debt free and plan on staying that way.

“If you never had a dream, you will never have a dream come true.”

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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